Cherishing Freedom

“Oppression, or the lack of freedom, confines the body, mind, and actions of individuals within rigid parameters.

“When people are not allowed freedom of movement, their world shrinks, and their life experiences are less full than the lifes of those who have freedom.

“When people are deprived of the opportunity to seek knowledge beyond a rigidly prescribed boundary, consciousness is squeezed even more, and the human capacity for expansion, creativity, and awe is severely wounded. The refusal to allow emotional expression (within reasonable boundaries) keeps the individual from becoming a whole person.

Luckily, here in the United States most of us are fortunate to experience a high level of freedom. But our way of life doesn’t come without it’s dangers…

“…Most of us, especially in the U.S., live our lives anticipating what is coming next and often feeling disappointed that we can’t keep accumulating more things, and storing up more intense experiences, always anticipating the next. We have become quite narcissistic, feeling entitled to everything we have and much of what we don’t have.

“When we awaken from our cultural trance, we become grateful for every moment. We feel the blessing of life and realize that everything we have and all that we have done are blessings to be cherished. We become humble before the tremendous mystery of life. We recognize that forces of nature, culture, and spirit far greater than us are at work and are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the experience of life.

~Richard N. Porter from Authentic Spirituality: The Direct Path to Consciousness

Be grateful for the freedom you have, and use it wisely. Use it to improve your life, the life of those you love, and the world in which we live. Value your freedom, and strive to always experience greater levels of freedom and help others do the same.


How do you use your freedom?

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