Crave Freedom Not Money

Audience Member: “I’ve lived enough contrast to put a lot of money in my vortex, and I’m ready to manifest it and see it. And I feel like I’m on the edge of a new idea and I don’t know what that idea is.

“That’s because you’re focused so much on the issue of money. When the idea feels necessary to get something that isn’t, then the fact that it isn’t blocks getting the idea that leads to the improvement.

“We’ll say that again– when the idea that you feel you’re on the brink of feels necessary to solve the issue, the issue looms big enough that the idea is blocked.

Audience Member: “So how do I allow the idea? By taking my attention off the issue?

“By taking money out of the equation.

“By being exited about the idea and not what it will produce, or not what it will solve. Letting the emotion be the prize, not the manifestation. This is big. So here’s this vibrational reality that is full of all that you want.

“And the key that opens the door for you and starts letting the ideas flow out, it’s the emotion. It’s not the solving of a problem. It’s the desire. We want you to crave freedom not money. Even though they often mean the same thing. But when you crave freedom it’s so much cleaner than when you crave money. Can you feel the difference?

“We want you to crave that feeling of an idea exploding in your mind, not what it will produce later, but just that moment in time– because if you crave that, and get it, then there will be another and another and another and another. And after a while, you’ll start seeing how the ideas lead to each other and get you the result that you want.

“But you don’t have the ability to focus wholly and only on the result that you want. But you have the ability to receive this and this and this and this and this and this and this, and later when it all comes together and you stand back and you look at it and you go, I remember sort of how that evolved, but I had no idea that I was going to get these results. These results are so much more than I even knew I was headed for. And if I had been focused on these results, I would’ve probably stifled it way earlier, and prevented it from coming.

~ Abraham Hicks from 2016 Los Angeles Workshop

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