Full Moon in Capricorn {Sun in Cancer ~ Moon in Capricorn 17º}
Saturday, July 8, 9:07 PM PDT / Sunday, July 9, 12:07 AM EST

Cosmic Insights From Connected Guides

From Patricia Liles @ thepowerpath.com :

Are you ready for some powerful energies? I know you are because you have already lived through the opposition of Mars and Pluto with the Moon triggering all sorts of tension last weekend. We’re getting adept at maintaining awareness of our emotional triggers, even skillful. But when Mars, that masculine symbol of passion, aggression and instinctual action opposes the Lord of the Underworld dredging up some transformative, gut level lessons, the cosmos has our attention.

“The Sun and Moon just can’t wait to add their weight to the situation. Come Full Moon, the Moon joins Pluto in Capricorn, and the Sun, master power of our Solar System, joins Mars. That is big energy! There will be no spectators, only participants! All the coaching advice out there is to live to your fullest potential and be all you can be. Well, here’s your opportunity to show what you’re made of and how prepared you are to go to the next level… The cosmos is inviting us to train in the martial art of creating our future.

“Contemplate the tarot card, The Tower – a no-choice situation; jump or die; no use in hanging on, just instinctual action ~ card of restructuring the old and artificial. With Mars involved, it becomes personal; we are renovating ourselves, our ego-personality, how we have always shown up. With Pluto, the lesson stretches to become both societal as well as personal. We surrender our old snakeskin, old forms and institutions and await our transformation and expansion into the ‘new’. Find your detachment. Watch the dissolution with a neutral eye.

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From Tanaaz @ foreverconscious.com :

“The July Full Moon falls on the 9th in the earthy and practical sign of Capricorn. This Full Moon energy is extremely intense, but will be guiding all of us to keep on climbing.

July’s Full Moon is going to be activating the energy of transformation, which means that you are going to be feeling the intense desire to change things in your life.

“These changes are most likely something you will want to do quickly and impulsively, so follow your gut but at the same time, be mindful of your emotions so you don’t say or do something you will regret later.

“Transformation is often a long and slow process, however this Full Moon is going to bring a burst of energy which will help to speed things a long and move you forward a lot faster.

“Emotions will be running high at this Full Moon, and while we are all going to be called to take part in an abrupt transformation, we are also going to be called to start taking responsibility for what we really want.

“Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat because it is able to climb higher and more nimbly than other animals. Capricorn energy is thrifty, smart and knows how to go the distance.

“If there is something you need the motivation to do, or if there is something you have been going after for a while, this Full Moon may just give you the boost you have been looking for.

Read the full report at www.foreverconscious.com/intuitive-astrology-july-full-moon-2017

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Contemplate on the things you need to focus on for your own powerful transformation.

What actions do you need to take?  What bad habits do you need to eliminate?

Get excited for a new phase in your consciousness and in your life!


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