Independence of Being

From control over the power of intuitive perception arises independence of being, or freedom from the ordinary limitations of consciousness. Sutra 3.13 – siddhah svatantra-bhavah

“The key words in this translation are “freedom” and “independence”. True freedom is a state of spirituality in which there is independence of being, which follows a transformation of consciousness whereby the ordinary limitations of mind and body offer no hindrance.

“One term is therefore implicit in the other, insomuch as independence of spirit gives rise to true freedom, and true freedom gives rise to spiritual independence.

“Many lives are expended in defense of so-called freedom, and whole nations aspire to self-determination and independence, while the true nature of freedom is misconceived. If these terms are misused in everyday language, it should not prevent their usage in the present context.

“The question arises as to how this freedom can be achieved. The answer is to be found… in intuitive perception… it is the acquisition of this faculty which gives rise to both freedom of spirit and independence of being.

“The path towards intuitive perception is internal, not external, and has to do with the state of mind and consciousness, and not the social environment.

~Roger Worthington from Finding the Hidden Self: A Study of the Śiva Sūtras

Intuitive Perception is defined as the ability to analyze something and instantly understand it.  Have you ever experienced this? If yes, in what way?

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