More Than Enough

Freedom means the ability to choose how we live our lives from day to day. But each individual’s definition of personal freedom is much more specific, reflecting what is most important to each of us on a very emotional and “real” level.

Even just the idea of what freedom means to you is enough to be able to give you a glimpse and a taste of what it is and what it feels like to experience it. In fact it’s pretty amazing– if you take the time to ponder on it, mull it over, fantasize and daydream about it– if you had nothing else, just the thought of freedom is enough for you to be able to experience it, no matter how fleeting that experience may be.

Freedom is in our minds, in our mental vision, and in our emotional experience of it. It has less to do with reality and more to do with your interpretation of it, which shapes your experience of it. Our mind and spirit have the ability to experience our definition of true freedom at will. The trick is learning how to stay in that space and allow it to become our ultimate reality.

For me, freedom always centered around having enough money to live as I wanted. It also included marriage and the relationship of my dreams. But as I’ve grown, I’ve come to realize that freedom is all about the happiness I experience in life.

Not in what I have, but what I am.

Connecting with the present moment and feeling a deep sense of connection with spirituality through gratitude.

In this I am free.

In this I have everything I need, and then some. In this I feel joy and fulfillment, and I treasure the ability to experience the blessing of life.

It has become less about getting what I want and more about simply living life and finding the joy in what I already have. It has also become more about helping others feel this deep sense of freedom, whatever that may mean to them.


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