Remembering Your Truth

“I will always remember you, and in my remembrance of you lies your remembrance of yourself.

“In our remembrance of each other lies our remembrance of God.

“And in this remembrance lies your freedom because your freedom is in Him.

“Join, then, with me in praise of Him and you whom He created. This is our gift of gratitude to Him, which He will share with all His creations, to whom He gives equally whatever is acceptable to Him.

“Because it is acceptable to Him it is the gift of freedom, which is His Will for all His Sons. By offering freedom you will be free.

“Freedom is the only gift you can offer to God’s Sons, being an acknowledgment of what they are and what He is.

“Freedom is creation, because it is love.

“Whom you seek to imprison you do not love. Therefore, when you seek to imprison anyone, including yourself, you do not love him and you cannot identify with him. When you imprison yourself you are losing sight of your true identification with me and with the Father.

“Your identification is with the Father and with the Son. It cannot be with One and not the Other. If you are part of One you must be part of the Other, because They are One. The Holy Trinity is holy because It is One.

“If you exclude yourself from this union, you are perceiving the Holy Trinity as separated. You must be included in It, because It is everything. Unless you take your place in It and fulfill your function as part of It, the Holy Trinity is as bereft as you are. No part of It can be imprisoned if Its truth is to be known.

Excerpts taken from A Course in Miracles – Chapter 8 – IV. The Gift of Freedom

A Course In Miracles is a powerful book written by a psychologist who “channeled” this information and compiled it into a guide that includes a section for text, a workbook for students, and a manual for teachers. It makes incredible claims to the extent of freedom you can experience, and the key to it all lies in forgiveness and connecting in love with God, your true self, and your fellow sisters and brothers here on earth. It has a lot of good psychology in it, and offers deep spiritual insights that can be helpful to those looking for inner peace and strength. You can check it out at

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