Spiritual Freedom

“The people that will probably be most drawn to authentic spirituality will be those of a mystical bent. There are always a few people who desire to go beyond the culturally recognized range of spiritual exploration.

“They typically seek spiritual freedom and a truth that they intuit is beyond the ken of those around them. These people are often drawn to mystical paths. There are always mystical paths available that can teach the aspirant how to develop their consciousness, and yet they are often hidden; they go about their great work quietly.

“The ones that come out into the open can easily be corrupted by the prevailing religions of the culture. Corruption can take the forms of intimidation and extermination, such as those done to the mystics (Sufis) in Iran in recent times, or it may creep in insidiously through modern materialism that seeks to impress potential students or make the teacher wealthy.

“Spiritual freedom is inextricably tied to love. Love is that force which binds together and gives form. To me this means that love is the primary spiritual element in humans.

“When consciousness is aligned with love, we are doing what those before us have called God’s will. The awakened person acts out of love in all that they do.

“Spiritual freedom involves dissolving the barriers between self and others so that love can flow freely. This is not to say that we lose our ego boundaries. Although some of our barriers are lost in this process of opening up, we maintain our mastery and judgment and may choose when to allow our love to overflow and when to be cautious.

~Richard N. Porter from Authentic Spirituality: The Direct Path to Consciousness

Trust your intuition, connect with your spirit, and live in love, always.

Are you searching for spiritual freedom?  How much have you been searching?  What have you found?

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