The Link Between Psychology & Spirituality

“Because psychology is based upon the mind, it has an important role in our journey towards self-awareness.

“Psychology is the means to explore and map out your mind, and understand its hidden motivations.

“The mind contains fragmentary information that ultimately defines who you are. Psychology helps you get in touch with this information, and gain insights on who you are and how you define your self.

“Spirituality, on the other hand, aims to transcend this rational processing.

“The newly acquired ability to transcend that which has been acknowledged is the point where psychology and spirituality meet. To transcend something, one must be aware that it actually exists. In other words, awareness is the key word. To become who you really are, you must transcend your illusionary perception of yourself.

“Since this illusion is based upon mind constructs, the awareness gained through psychological processing is necessary for spiritual transcendence.

“By exploring your psychological processes you get acquainted with your mind’s definition of yourself. Psychology is therefore crucial to the spiritual journey for transcendence.

“Thus there is a strong bond between psychology and spirituality: Psychology is the means by which you get to know your mind, spirituality enables you to transcend your mind. They are essential for one another.

~ Itai Ivtzan from Awareness Is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology & Spirituality

Are you mentally and emotionally free?  If no, what could you do to get there? If yes, please share your journey.

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