The Theme for July 2017 Is FREEDOM

Freedom comes in many forms, including physical, mental, emotional, and financial.

And the power of freedom can be life changing.

When you are free, you are in control.

You can make the choices you want to make, and create the life you want to live.

You experience deeper meaning and greater joy.

You can fulfill your destiny and live with passion and purpose.

Ultimate freedom comes from within, so it is of the utmost importance that you take care of your health from the inside out.

Physically, it is important to eat right by providing complete nourishment for your body and your temple, and it’s also important to stay active to help your energy flow properly.

Mentally, it’s important to cultivate a calm and clear space for you to be able to operate at your optimal performance.

Emotionally, it is important to use acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion to release negative energy and transform it into internal strength.

And financially it is important to make sure you have enough consistent income to handle your responsibilities.

Beyond these basic necessities, we each have our own individual ideals and views about what true freedom really is.

And whatever your definition of freedom may be, you will instinctively expand into it and move toward it.

Each and every day as you are growing and slowly but surely aligning with your goals and taking action to achieve them, open yourself fully to the process.

Relish your freedom, and make sure you do everything in your power to not only maintain it, but grow in it to experience ultimate freedom, gratitude, and fulfillment.

And remember– your freedom is already yours, it is just waiting for you to live in it.

Many blessings,

Question:  Take a moment to daydream about the possibilities of what it means to be free.  What does it feel like? What does freedom mean to you?

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