What’s Blocking Your Freedom?

“What stands in your way to living a full and free life: The concepts of personality and ego.

“One major obstacle stands in your way to living your life fully: You are not experiencing life as it really is.

“You may think this weird: “Of course I experience my life, what else would I be experiencing?” My reply is that you are actually experiencing your personal interpretation of life.

“The difference between the two is the difference between conditioning and freedom.

“We are rarely in touch with each and every moment of our life, and therefore unable to connect directly and clearly to whatever comes our way.

“In fact, most of us bring our opinions, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs into our interpretation of each moment, drowning it.

“This prevents experiencing each moment as it is.

“Imagine the sun coming out and bathing you with its light and warmth. If you could simply bask in its warmth without further reaction, you would be experiencing life as it is.

“But this is almost impossible for most of us; a series of reactions immediately light up in our minds: I wish it were this warm all the time” or “It’s too hot, I should have applied sun screen”.

“Every reaction pulls us away from the experience of life as it is, replacing it with our personal interpretation of life. We are constantly reaching out to the experience, but hardly ever manage to penetrate the many layers that wrap it.

~ Itai Ivtzan from Awareness Is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology & Spirituality

It can truly be fascinating to consider the way your body, mind, and spirit interact.  Have you ever experienced the pureness of life without any reaction? If yes, what was your experience? If no, would you like to?  What do you think it would be like?

Are there any real world obstacles you’re facing at this time?  What’s blocking your freedom and how could that change?

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